Kulikovo Square in Odessa

NOTE: This page provides initial coverage of the UNAC solidarity mission to the 2nd annual May 2 Memorial of the 2014 massacre of 46 activists and residents at the Trade Unions Building in Kulikovo Square in Odessa Ukraine. However, after the memorial UNAC established a formal solidarity campaign and dedicated website to follow this issue along with its local and international implications, and it is on this website that the most up-to-date reporting and calls-to-action will be posted:

 Odessa Solidarity Campaign


Куликове площі в Одесі, Україна 
Куликово площади в Одессе, Украина

March 21, 2016: Click here to read an account of the United Nations Human Rights Council hearing at which the first UNAC Solidarity Statement was distributed and read in support of the call for a UN investigation into the events of May 2, 2014.

April 25, 2016: Members of UNAC deliver to the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C. the second UNAC Statement of Solidarity in support of holding the 2nd Anniversary Memorial on May 2, 2016 in spite of court challenges and public threats to the event.

US observers in Ukraine: Bruce Gagnon, Phil Wilayto (UNAC), Regis Tremblay
 May 2, 2016: 2nd Anniversary Memorial of 2014 Massacre of 48 federalist activists and civilians at Kulikovo Square and the Trade Unions Building took place at 4:00 (16:00). 3-4,000 attended. That morning nearly 2,000 arrived simply to place flowers at the site.


Click here to listen to Phil Wilayto interview on SputnikNews Radio show "Loud and Clear" with host Brian Becker - LIVE from Kulikovo Square during the memorial.


After the memorial, Wilayto travels with Mothers of May 2 members to Brussels, Belgium to participate in a European Parliament meeting on the massacre and its aftermath including the call for an external investigation: No one has been brought to justice for the killings of the 48 Odessans in 2014.

Victoria Malchukova (right), Mothers Council of May 2, testifying at
European Parliament in Brussels on May 4.

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